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With computer repair techs starting in 1995 we’ve developed a strong process for identifying computer problems and there origins. Along with some other services of interest along the way.

Over the years we have developed and eclectic collections of interests and services that we now provide to our customers… Not only computer related services. Have a look below at our specialties.

services overview

Free Verbal Device Assessment

We offer free Estimates via verbal Assesment. We always test the equipment before preforming a fix to ensure that no money is wasted on something that will never be what it should be... If its within your best interest to purchase a new computer or peice of equipment well tell you. Testing usually starts with a $25 bench fee. This covers stability testing excetra...

Circutry Repair

Got some broken eclectic tech you can’t find anywhere... We might be able to fix that... Sometimes it’s as simple as replacing a swelled capacitor. Other times not so easy... But we'll give you an honest assessment of the condition of your hardware and do our best to fix it. Please do keep in mind that if it’s not a piece of tech that we normally work with it will require additional time to make progress on the repairs.

There are lots of steps to a successful solder job. If your not using Flux your not dong it right. Check out the video to see a few tips.

Read more about soldering

On Site Support

We do house calls and office visits. We can help you get your new or old tech working properly. We offer support on systems as old as ME and DOS.

Remote Support

If your using a modern operating system we can offer remote support for many of the problems users encounter with there systems.

We have many local clients in Ky and as far away as Ohio and California.

Virus/ Infection removal

We've reviewed and studied many antiviruses. We've determined that Avira is the best free antivirus avaliable and Nod 32 is the best pay for anti-virus. You can call us for details about purchasing NOD32.

We offer Nod32 installs and group licencing.

This isnt our virus removal process (more of an amiture approach) but it will give you an idea of whats involved... We actually remove the hard drive and scan for maleware, virueses, scareware, bad sectors, drive errors, file system errors and then finally Defrag it before putting it back in your computer.

System Analysis and stress testing

We've got a load of special tools to test the stability and functionality of your computer system. From power supply testerss to Mem testers.... We even do Burn in tests..

Read more about stability testing

EFI Live - GM Automotive Tuning

Adam the lead tech is quite the engine/automotive enthusiast. He cant leave anything he has alone.... Anything. So he started turing the familys cars about 2 years ago and is not proficient with EFI Live Flash and Scan tool set.

Below is a video of his self tuned 383 with cam running.

Read more about EFI Live


Cell Phone Support & Repair

Android Phones / Android Tablets I-Phones / I-Pads

We support both mobile platforms and have affordable pricing on Screen replacements for Reparable models. Just bring your device bye for an estimate.

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